Alzheimer`s disease

Let`s firstly begin by defining what is Alzheimer`s. Alzheimer`s is the most common driving factor of dementia, term used to describe general memory loss and behavioral disorders, all affecting the daily lives directly. The major portion of people aware of Alzheimer`s think that it is related to the aging process. Yes, it is more or less true; however, recent cases indicate us the fact that Alzheimer can occur in people under 65, too. Moreover, regardless of the age when a person begins suffering from Alzheimer`s, this disease is worsening remarkably as the years pass on; in other words, Alzheimer`s is continuously getting more unbearable. Although medical measures have been improved a lot in the last years, there is still not any medication curing Alzheimer`s fully. Doctors are only capable of making the disease lessen its intensity.

There are a variety of symptoms, such as memory loss, vision loss, difficulties while completing simple tasks, making decisions or remembering the places of items. People above 85 are considered to have a high-risk for Alzheimer`s. Additionally, genetic factors possibly take a decisive role in the spread of Alzheimer`s. In a broader sense, if you have someone in your family suffering from Alzheimer`s, take the risk of being Alzheimer`s holder in the future into the consideration.

Scientists summarize the causes of Alzheimer`s under the combination of three big subheads: genetic and environmental factors along with the lifestyle. On the other side, risks can be divided into two main parts: changeable and unchangeable. Unchangeable risks are thought to be aging, family history and genetics, while risks that we can change to the positive way with the medications are head injuries, heart strokes, blood pressure above the acceptable level and so on. For so many years, scientists have been arguing that a high exposure to the items made of aluminium is one of the main causes of Alzheimer`s. Quite a reverse, past studies did not find any direct relationship between aluminum and Alzheimer`s. During the formation of Alzheimer`s, two specific proteins in our brains-plaques and tangles- tend to change their shapes and cluster, damaging the communication between brain cells.

Keep in mind that person above 85 has the 50 percent possibility of being Alzheimer`s patient, which is not possible to be healed yet. Nevertheless, researchers recommend everyone certain actions to delay the occurrence of Alzheimer`s or decrease the severity of symptoms. Undoubtedly, most essential one is healthy lifestyle. Here, healthy lifestyle refers to reading books, learning new concepts, doing mental tasks-crosswords or tests-, learning second language and being engaged with education in the upper ages. Furthermore, physical and sportive activities have been proven to be effective enough in preventing potential Alzheimer`s and dementia symptoms. Also, it is suggested to take medications and reverse the condition of diseases, found to be changeable causes of Alzheimer`s.

Conclusively, in this post, I tried to give the comprehensive information about the explanation of Alzheimer`s in addition to its symptoms, causes and treatment. As a person planning to pursue the academic career in the field of neuroscience, I have a strong desire to work on Alzheimer`s patients to devise the way curing this illness completely. It is possible, because, in reference to one of past articles, brain is capable of changing itself.

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