Herd Mentality

There are some social psychological implications that can happen to everyone, regardless of any other external factors. Undoubtedly, one of these is considered to be herd mentality. It clarifies the situation in which individuals are subject to peers` psychological force as a result of which all their actions, plans, or social norms change.  Now, I am going to deepen this topic, explore its background and suggest my own views surrounding it.

Actually, you can see so many people who predominantly claim that they are not following the majority`s path, and, thus, they are independent thinkers. Nevertheless, in the modern world, one is not able to get rid of herd mentality; the point here is taking advantage of it. Buying latest IPhone, Black Friday madness, hanging out in Starbucks are all examples of herd mentality. By the some taken, the basic explanation of this term can be made like this: the state where people adopt similar or same behaviors of others in spite of losing their personal feelings. Truly speaking, the ones, who keep themselves far from all the popular activities mentioned  above and not be the part of herd, are potentially discriminated by that herd which would bring unescapable problems. So, what can be done to maximize our profit here?

First and foremost, it is needed to be aware of the fact that you are in the flow of herd mentality. Many people do not want to see themselves being compared to sheep; however, without addressing the problem properly, it is impossible to find solutions. Secondly, understand that herd mentality and behavior can be both positive and negative; in other words, it is not completely detrimental concept. For instance, in Venezuela right now, young people got affected by their peers` determination to support Juan Guaido, which results in their integration to the political revolution as a part of herd mentality. However, in this situation, following what the herd is doing can yield positive results. In other instances, parents tend to buy Tickle Me Elmos, damaging overall health, for their children after observing quite a few number of parents doing the same thing.

To sum up, I recommend everyone to be neutral on this issue, neither entirely independent of nor dependent on herd behaviors. The main point here is analyzing the pros and cons of each respective trend done by the majority and, then, determine whether or not to take part in it.


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